Speedy Fans Training Course - Advanced Level

10D Perfect Fans in 3 Seconds


You may already work fast, BUT Jaslynn will teach you to create Perfect Fans FASTER. Jaslynn will show you the difference from long stems to short stems and how quickly you will be bale to make beautiful work effortlessly!

Working with "Fan Widest Circumference" will become your game changer for 2019!

You will learn to make Pointy Short Bases in 3 Seconds!
You will learn to pick up adhesive that pulls backwards to make fans look fuller!
You will learn to make  Fan Wide Circumference  for fuller lashes fast!
You will learn to keep those fans from closing when you attach them, t can be very frustrating when you make good fans but on placing them on your clients lashes, they start closing, forming stalky bases, SAY GOODBYE to this forever!

Every Fan you place, will be Perfect and Fast!


Yes a Fan perfecting Kit is included, just bring with you your tweezers that you use for volume, please also bring extra cash in case you want to purchase other tweezers on the day.

Contact us for upcoming dates.

This workshop is hands on and  will teach you :

How to make 3 second Mega volume pointy base fans ! 

We will practice making fans in 3 seconds, but not just any fans,  up to 10 D fans with smooth pointy bases using 0.05mm. o.o4mm & 0.03mm, this is a hands on workshop, Miranda will demonstrate and guide you with her tips and techniques! 

How to work with super fine lashes of 0.05mm ,0.04mm and 0.03mm Thin 

Thin lashes can be difficult to fan perfectly, thin lashes can attract to each other like magnets and create long bases, we will show you how to pick up, fan and collect adhesives with these super fine diameters.

How to choose the correct placement technique for clients

Do you want to make clients lashes look fuller faster? we will show you 4 ways to fill in lashes for all clients, regardless if they do not have a natural full lash set.

Adhesive Pickup with Gravity

 You are probably happy with your glue pick up method, BUT you will learn a way to pick up adhesive that will make fans stay open with pointy bases and think to yourselves, wish i was using this method all this time!Miranda will show you to to collect adhesive using gravity for maximum fuller fans, You will learn how to pick up adhesive in mm for each length of fan ensuring each is at its widest circumference.Working with Adhesive that does not close your fans.Adhesives and how these chemicals react : Understand your product!


The fastest way to create full lashes that are super safe for clients daily lashing. Our Mega volume is not only for special occasions but for daily wear. Understanding the True volumetric measurement of lashes – unique volume calculator created by Miranda and used in around 40 countries.Learn why these lashes are not too heavy for the natural lash line.Learn How we keep the natural lashes from moving.

Learn how we apply with ease, tiny volume lashes in very short lengths for the inners  5, 6 & 7mm

We will practice with very tiny lashes of fanning and keeping a minute base point, this fills up the inner corners fast and begins the black eyeliner effect.Tiny short lashes should only have a small tiny base to look effective, we will show you how to achieve this. 

How to create the perfect fans, when to use wide and narrow fans

Both wide and narrow fans are good, but only if used at the correct time, learn what creates a uniformed look and what creates a messy uniformed look. 

Learn when to use curls from  C, CC, D, L L+ M curls

Working with different curls will speed up your work when you know which curl can have maximum impact for a quick dark effect.


Do you want to try tweezers that fan with any length and any thickness?We have just the one that works to perfection with most hands and techniquesStruggling to fan? We will help and guide your hand with the tweezers to learn the fastest techniques as not all techniques suit all hands and vice versa – lets find yours.


As this workshop  is all about Fans,  you will need to be a qualified therapist applying Russian volume  at least 2d – 3D, this ensures that you will benefit fully from the workshop, 

Your Practical will include:

1.  Making fans with 0.05mm, 0.03mm and 0.04mm 2. Working with very short lashes – 5mm & 6mm 3. Practising making the perfect fan from 5mm – 12mm, every length covered as the bases of pick up and adhesive pick up is different.  4. Milo metre gravity points – lash lengths and their mm points for speed lashing. 5. Adhesive pick up technique 6. How to create the perfect “Competition ready Lashes” 7. Photographing your work 

What do I need to bring?

Yourself and your tweezer that your happy making fans with, everything else is provided! You also receive a kit. 

Do I Receive A Certificate?

Yes! A Certificate of attending the workshop in Speedy Mega Volume  will be issued.

Do I Need To Be An Eyelash Technician Before I Attend This Workshop?

Yes, THIS workshop is for experienced and trained lash therapists only. You must be able to make 2D – 3D fans. we will teach you how to fan up to 10D and place up to 20D.

How Do I Book My Space?

You can reserve your space with an initial deposit with making the remaining payment 30days before the workshop date or you can reserve your space with FULL payment now.

Can I Purchase Products After or During The Workshop?

Yes, there will be some products available.


Training Inquiries: Tel:   (501) 803-8141 


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